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September 13, 2007


Ronni Bennett

Who knew what a complicated procedure this is. Fascinating!


Thanks for stopping by Ronni. I agree, who knew??

We hope to take some mystery out of some of the details regarding all of these issues.


Hello, This is a facsinating a prospective undertaker this is just the sort of insight I require! One question has me wondering: there is a bit of folklore I hear is that claims the dead are generally buried without this true?


I am not can head over to Tim's blog, Final Embrace, and ask him. I am sure he would know.

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I know that bodies cant be cremated with shoes on because the rubber doesnt burn. So often relatives are asked not to provide shoes


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I work in a NICU, it has been said that we have to use certain materials, if we put a cotton hat on a baby that passed, would this cause the skin on the head to tear? What would be the most appropriate material to use? Thank you

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I am not can head over to Tim's blog, Final Embrace, and ask him. I am sure he would know.

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Bit hard to follow the steps but a good article to read indeed.


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