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July 10, 2007


Nancy Brown

One of the worst makeup and hair jobs I've ever seen was on my deceased 22 year old brother. I was too distraught to say anything to the funeral director, but his hair was combed in a style he never wore, and it looked like he was growing a sparce and very dark beard - he was fair haired. If they did the hair and makeup from a photographs, they must have had the wrong photo.


Oh Nancy that is terrible.

I think that may be one reason many people consider cremation!


my wife is graduating from a cosmetology course what other qualifycations does she need for a corps beautician can u help

Helena Beck

I am an esthetician in a small fishing village on an island in Alaska. Our town needs help concerning makeup for the deceased and I have volunteered my services. The brand of make up I use is Jane Iredale and this line uses a spray (spritz) to "set" the foundation. Would this step be neccessary on deceased skin or would it roll right off?


good question Helena, I am afraid I have no idea and am not an expert at all. You might try emailing Tim at Final Embrace. (look at my links on the right)

john turdee

this Helena chick must be a real dud, most makeup queens are, what the heck is she talking about? why volunteer services if you don't know how to apply them....duh!!! Stay away from my dead grandma....loser!!! If you're a supposed esthetician then why are you doing makeup...? Stay in your field or get sued idiot!!!

Wayne Jepson

Founded in April, 2009, by Laura Warren, AfterLife Color Cosmetics, LLC is a premium, all- inclusive brand specifically designed for the funeral home industry. The company creates products that meet all religious and regulatory standards, are environmentally responsible and cruelty free. The products will not only enhance the natural and true to life skin tones of the decedent, but aid in prolonging viewing, offering great comfort for family and friends coming to terms with their loss.


I would be interested in doing makeup for the dead. I did makeup for video production and photography and used Cinema Secrets and Ben Nye products which are very concentrated. Ive seen bad work on dead people and I always think, "I could do way better!" Do you need a mortician certificate to do it?

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"The products used by specific funeral homes will depend upon the preference of the funeral professional and the needs of the case." I agree to this good that i found your blog very informative. :)


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The brand of make up I use is Jane Iredale and this line uses a spray (spritz) to "set" the foundation.

Jack Henry

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Even in death, the person deserved to look great! It takes a skillful hand to achieve the natural look.

Ahava Cosmetics

I wonder how they could beautify a corpse and why do we need to put make up on them?


Im just wondering how I can get my foot in the door to do make up on the dearly deceased..Im a license Comsmotologist...

Beauty School

I love doing makeup but I can't imagine doing makeup for a deceased person. Just thinking about it gives me the creeps.


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This really makes you think two about different beauty fields to get into involving makeup.


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chanel 2.55

I think that may be one reason many people consider cremation!

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I hope you all have a blessed day

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I think this is good to get know about that Make-up for the Deceased, because it is some thing which has no good and it is still do happen.

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I only buy natural mineral cosmetics which I purchase from Crystal over at “the all natural face” on ETSY. She has everything from lipstick to blush and mascara etc… I don’t trust big companies and I don’t support animal testing.


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I like what you said Make-up for the Deceased.........

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